[sudo-users] Problem with sudo version

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Tue Feb 22 10:55:46 EST 2005

In message <4202CEFB000A83A6 at mssbzhb-int.msg.bluewin.ch>
	so spake  (nassiba):

> We are going to upgrade our OS to Solaris 9 rev 12/03. Will the version that
> we have on Solaris 8 work? if not which version do we need to install? is
> 1.6.8p1 the only version that works with Solaris 9?

Quote from that page:
    Just because a specific version of your OS is not listed with the
    current version of Sudo does not mean it won't work.  If an older
    version of Sudo ran on your OS, chances are that the latest version
    does as well.

Sudo runs well on Solaris so you should always be able to run the
latest version.

 - todd

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