[sudo-users] sudo in crontab

Bob Proulx bob at proulx.com
Wed May 18 12:39:28 EDT 2005

Tran-Huu.Hanh at t-systems.com wrote:
> from the command prompt i can run a script with sudo.

The command line allows you to authenticate with your password.  Once
authorized you have until the idle timeout to execute commands.  Very
convenient and secure for the interactive command line.

>  $ /opt/bin/sudo  XXX.sh
> if I put this script with sudo - the same syntax -  in a crontab, it doesn't work

The cron daemon runs in the background and there is no connection to
your interactive shell.  There is no way for processes started by the
cron daemon to authenticate.

> How can I fixe the problem?

Your only 'sudo' option is to configure your sudoers configuration
file to allow the command without password authentification.

The man page has this to say:

                   If set, users must authenticate themselves via a password
                   (or other means of authentication) before they may run com-
                   mands.  This default may be overridden via the PASSWD and
                   NOPASSWD tags.  This flag is on by default.

        ray    rushmore = NOPASSWD: /bin/kill, /bin/ls, /usr/bin/lprm

Depending upon what you are doing this is either safe or a security
issue.  You will have to use your judgement to decide because only you
know your particular situation.


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