[sudo-users] Sudo logging in NFS

Uzee uzee007 at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 24 05:03:23 EDT 2007

I have setup sudo for the first time but have come across a situation which I could not find an answer for.
I'm using a central sudoers file for all the hosts, the file is coming from an NFS mount and sudo installation was done on the NFS server (the sudo binary is also NFS mounted). Everything works fine but the problem is that the /var/log/sudo.log file is a local file only to the NFS server. Is there a way possible to have a sudo.log file on every host, so that when I run sudo commands on other hosts, they are logged locally on that host. In the current situation, only the sudo commands being run from the NFS server are captured to the sudo.log file. If I login to another host and run sudo commands, the NFS server's log file does not capture that.....
Oh yes... I have Solaris 8 running on all the hosts.

I will truly appreciate your advice/suggestions to better utilize sudo.
Thanks a bunch...

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