[sudo-users] Problem with sudo version 1.6.8p9 on Sun Solaris 10 and the NOEXEC option.

Stephen Ambrose sambro2 at us.ibm.com
Mon Jul 23 12:00:26 EDT 2007

Setting the NOEXEC option with sudo version 1.6.8p9, returns the error that
no shell was found.   Test of same Sudo build level on HP-UX allows the su
command but restricts the escape to shell from commands like vi.  Can you
provide direction if this normal operation on Sun Solaris?

  5.10 Generic_118833-24 sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire-V240
  Sudo version 1.6.8p9

Visudo configuration:
  kflorent       sfz00010=NOEXEC: NOPASSWD:ALL

$ sudo su -
su: No shell /usr/bin/ksh.  Trying fallback shell /sbin/sh.
su: Couldn't exec fallback shell /sbin/sh: Permission denied

Test of sudo 1.6.8.p9 with sudo vi indicates correct operation of the
NOEXEC option.

$ sudo vi /etc/hosts
"/etc/hosts" [Read only] 13 lines, 348 characters
# Internet host table
#       localhost   sfz00010 sfz00010.sz.visteon.com        loghost   sfz00010-p   sfz00010-2   sfz00011 sfz00011.sz.visteon.com        loghost   sfz00001 datax datax.visteon.com sfz00001.sz.visteon.com
# Hosts used by the system
#     cds2 cds2.visteon.com
Invalid SHELL value: /usr/bin/ksh
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Stephen F. Ambrose
Senior IT specialist ( Unix Administration)
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