[sudo-users] Sudo ?

Chris Jepeway jepeway at blasted-heath.com
Sat May 5 11:32:21 EDT 2007

On Apr 29, 2007, at 1:11 AM, Kevin Kachikian wrote:

> Hi Chris,
> Is there a way to display the users password as they type it in so 
> they can see it and verify it when using sudo?  I am asking for the 
> Mac OS version for the uninstall of my commercial app.

I haven't been involved in sudo development for years,
so I'm not your best bet at getting help with your
problem.  I've cc'ed the sudo-users mailing list;
they're more likely than I to know something useful
to you.

For my part, this seems a platform-specific kinda question.
You might be better off looking @ how MacOS packages its
apps natively, taking advantage of how it handles authentication
& authorization to install/de-install software.

Or, you could prompt directly for the password outside of sudo,
then feed it into sudo using the "-S" flag.  As (facetiously) in:

	echo -n "Gimme the keys to the kingdom: "
	read password
	echo "$password" | sudo -S rm -rf /path/to/software

I don't really recommend this approach.  Others
on the list may have some relevant experience with
what you're trying to accomplish.

> Kevin
> Amuse, Inc.
> www.serenesaver.biz
Chris <jepeway at blasted-heath.com>.

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