[sudo-users] memory fault

Eric Bradley ebradley4 at csc.com
Wed Apr 16 09:47:03 EDT 2008

I finally figured out what was wrong. I discovered that LDAP was installed 
on this server but wasn't being used. When it was installed it made some 
entries in the pam.conf file which caused the problem. Once I moved the 
original pam.conf file back into place sudo worked fine. Another thing I 
noticed that was caused by LDAP being present was that rather then the 
normal Password: prompt is was System Password:. I'll know next time to 
look for LDAP when I see this. I've seen sudo work fine with the IBM/DB2 
LDAP, but this was HP's LDAP. I'm sure there's a way to get sudo to work 
with HP's LDAP and the entries it makes in pam.conf during installation, 
but fortunately I didn't have to figure it out since LDAP wasn't being 
used on this server - it was just an experiment. 
Ric Bradley

"Todd C. Miller" <Todd.Miller at courtesan.com> 
04/16/2008 08:29 AM

Eric Bradley/GIS/CSC at CSC
sudo-users at sudo.ws
Re: [sudo-users] memory fault

In message 
<OFCFE602B5.9FF0E5E8-ON8525742C.005FF265-8625742C.0060D5F3 at csc.com>
                 so spake Eric Bradley (ebradley4):

> I'm running sudo version 1.6.9p8 on HP-UX 11.11 on an rp8420. I pulled 
> this down from HP's ixpress website. The sudoers file is set up to allow 

> the Sys Admins to run sudo su - to get  root entering their own 
> If the user is running the sh shell it gives memory fault (no core dump) 

> before ever prompting for a password. If the user is running the csh 
> it gives segmentation fault before ever prompting for the password.
> I am running the same version of sudo on a like server (both are part of 
> Serviceguard HA cluster) and it is working fine. Any ideas?

Is the machine where sudo works correctly running the exact same
version of HP-UX as the machine where it gets a fault?

You should be able to build sudo from source on the machine where
the ixpress binary is having problems.  If that shows the same
problem then you've found a genuine bug.

 - todd

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