[sudo-users] sudo 1.7.0rc8 available

Steve T stevetucknott at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Dec 5 02:12:34 EST 2008

I'm not sure!
All I know is the symptoms. Sudo worked for me since FC4 (not sure which
release of sudo that was) as it seemed to keep the user environment when
sudo'ing - which in my case is what I wanted as I had a complete
environment that was 'required' to run some of my apps. Now under FC9
(sudo 1.6.9p13) the environment gets reset and no matter what settings I
try in the sudoers, I get a 'restricted' environment.

On Thu, 2008-12-04 at 14:18 -0500, Todd C. Miller wrote:

> In message <1228417507.3468.210.camel at localhost.localdomain>
> 	so spake Steve T (stevetucknott):
> > Sorry to be a pain - but I see that secure_path has been restored - does
> > that then explain my issue with the environment being lost, irrespective
> > of the settings in the sudoers file (refer  thread Fc9 sudo 1.6.9p13 -
> > env_reset and PATH env var)?
> Prior to sudo 1.7.0 secure_path is a compile-time option that cannot
> be overidden in sudoers.  Starting with 1.7.0, sudoers is parsed
> in two stages so secure_path is run-time configurable.  Does that
> answer your question?
>  - todd

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