[sudo-users] Difficulty with /sbin in PATH

Andreas Hasenack ahasenack at terra.com.br
Tue Feb 19 18:40:07 EST 2008

On Feb 19, 2008 5:54 PM, Todd C. Miller <Todd.Miller at courtesan.com> wrote:
> That is odd.  I just did a test with sudo 1.6.9p12 compiled with
> --with-secure-path and it worked as expected.
> A lot has changed between 1.6.8 and 1.6.9 but I don't know of
> anything that was fixed that would explain what you are seeing.

It works if I do this:

$ export PATH=/sbin:$PATH
$ sudo chkconfig ldap on <---- now it works

Is this how it is supposed to work? I thought it would use the target
user's PATH to discover which program was supposed to run and then
match it against the sudo rule.

> Still, you may want to try compiling 1.6.9p12 and see if it has the
> same behavior.

I will, thanks

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