[sudo-users] sudo and ulimits on aix 5.3

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Tue Feb 26 16:51:20 EST 2008

In message <B891DE29-25EB-440A-8BD8-134BE7EBAFDE at packetsniffers.org>
	so spake dosman (dosman):

> I am having problems getting sudo to use the ulimits of the user it is  
> running my process as. It's possible we've had this problem all along  
> and never noticed until now. It looks like the -c flag is supposed to  
> cause this to work however my sudo doesn't appear to accept that flag  
> (platform dependant - no love for AIX?). I've tried this with sudo  
> 1.6.8p12 and 1.6.9p13. Is there any hope or are users of unixes  
> without BSD login classes left out in the cold? ;)

Not at this time.  It's on my todo list but I haven't found a
particularly good way to do this on AIX.  It should be possible to
use getuserattr() to get each of the individual resource limits (as
specified by /etc/security/limits) and then use setrlimit() to set
them to the new value but that seems rather hackish.

In Linux-PAM this is handled by pam_limits.so.  I don't know enough
about AIX's PAM support to say whether it has something similar.

 - todd

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