[sudo-users] Method(s) to disable sudo password prompt

Richard Jackson rjackson at mason.gmu.edu
Tue Jan 29 12:43:53 EST 2008


Is there a reason why sudo, both 1.6.8p12 and 1.6.9p12, invoked with the -S
(read the password from stdin) writes the prompt?

For example,

sudo -k
echo "boguspw" | sudo -v -S
Password:				< == isn't this prompt superfluous?

I tried setting -p '' but this simply results in a blank line

sudo -k
echo "boguspw" | sudo -v -S -p ''
					< == empty line

I reviewed some of the code and it seems the prompt will either be set to
the default prompt or the user specified prompt.  I did not see anything,
most likely I missed it, that would allow for no prompt with the -S option.

Regards, Richard

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