[sudo-users] Using wild cards in a command path

Eric Bradley ebradley4 at csc.com
Tue Jul 29 09:46:50 EDT 2008

I've tried that and it returns the correct thing
(root) NOPASSWD: /opt/networker/bin/*     which doesn't work - get user is 
not allowed to execute the command as root

If I change the sudoers file to /opt/networker/bin/tempo.sh I can run 
tempo.sh as root just fine. So the absolute path including the name of the 
command at the end works, but the absolute path with a * at the end 

The sudoers man page suggests the /opt/networker/bin/* and 
/opt/networker/bin should both work to let me run commands that reside in 

Not sure what I'm doin wrong.

Ric Bradley

Russell Van Tassell <russell+sudo-users at loosenut.com> 
07/28/2008 05:58 PM

Eric Bradley/GIS/CSC at CSC
"Carville, Stephen" <scarville at LANDAM.com>, sudo-users at sudo.ws
Re: [sudo-users] Using wild cards in a command path

On Mon, Jul 28, 2008 at 03:51:10PM -0500, Eric Bradley wrote:
> Stephen,
> I tried what you suggested and got the same results. Any other 
> suggestions?

It's often helpful to try "sudo -l" to see what commands sudo thinks can
be run (ie. how the sudoers file is being parsed) to make sure you're
getting back a reasonable list.

Russell M. Van Tassell
russell at loosenut.com

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