[sudo-users] Expansion of nested Cmnd_Alias commands

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Sun May 4 17:13:42 EDT 2008

In message <BBA15439DC467648BBAB71E6BA4D990037753CF1FC at MERCMBX12.na.sas.com>
	so spake Galen Johnson (Galen.Johnson):

> Would it be fair to assume that this would show their effective commands and 
> not just a basic expansion?  In other words, if one has the same command with
>  different arguments in more than one alias, will it show what the true comma
> nd they can run will be and not just show you all commands as they expand out
> ?
> A (greatly) simplified example:
> Command_Alias LS1=/bin/ls -l, /bin/ls -r
> Command_Alias LS2=/bin/ls
> Obviously depending on the order these are given to a user, this would allow 
> the user to either run /bin/ls or limit them to the -l and -r options.  Would
>  the command expansion indicate this or would it show '/bin/ls -l, /bin/ls -r
> , /bin/ls'?

For 1.7.0, "sudo -l" just does basic expansion.  However, in 1.7.0
there is also "sudo -l command" which allows a user to check whether
a specific command is allowed without actually runnning it.

 - todd

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