[sudo-users] Always parse error (except for empty sudoers)

josef schmid e9427749 at stud4.tuwien.ac.at
Wed Jun 24 17:26:16 EDT 2009

Hi, all!

After compiling sudo (v1.7.1 & also v1.7.2b3 tested)
sudo and visudo -scf <file> always results in a
syntax/parse error.

This problem occur for:
a) the sudoers file in the package      (=> line 3)
b) with only the following line as content: root    ALL=(ALL) ALL
                                         (=> line 0)
c) For a file with only comments        (=> line 3 if more than 3lines)
d) for everything else, except empty file

For HP-UX B.11.00, gcc v3.0.4, Flex v2.5.4, bison v1.875)

I have read INSTALL & the FAQs but i cannot find something that
help me.

Maybe somebody can point me in the correct direction.


BTW, the v1.7.2b3 uses setegid inside runas_setup() in set_perms.c
directly, independently if HAVE_SETEUID is defined.

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