[sudo-users] Regarding SUDO behaviour change with environment variable handling in RedHat 5

Karthik S mindbuster31 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 27 17:17:15 EDT 2010

Hi Experts,

    I have a biig clarification to make with respect to the BUZZ that is on,
stating a massive behavioural change in the way SUDO's environment acts on
the variables defined in it; in RedHat 5.

I am in the process of handling the SUDO changes for a framework of
applications from R4 to R5 and i need to know what changes are actually
prominent with respect to env var in both the OS's, so that i can pick them
up and handle them.

Also i see that sudo -V is different from R4 in R5. Furthermore, i heard
from folks that SUDO in R5 is scrubbing the environment before the execution
of a command. People that i met here say that it is better to write wrapper
scripts for a particular application so that we can define and export env
var's for that specific application by sudo'ing the wrapper.

This seems a feaasible option, but I REALLY NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAS CHANGED
from the env variable perspective that we are having to seek alternate
solutions to handle the messed up SUDO env.

Any help will be reaaaaaaaally useful and will help take my implementation

I feel :  if not aware, seek help,  do it and learn it the right way, than
just do it for the heck of it.

Thanks Experts,

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