[sudo-users] Regarding SUDO behaviour change with environment variable handling in RedHat 5

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Tue Jul 27 18:07:33 EDT 2010

Starting with sudo 1.6.9, the env_reset sudoers option is enabled
by default.  Many vendors, including RedHat, had enabled it prior
to sudo 1.6.9 in the /etc/sudoers files they ship with their systems.

Below is an excerpt from the sudo UPGRADE file:

    Environment variable handling has changed significantly in sudo
    1.6.9.  Prior to version 1.6.9, sudo would preserve the user's
    environment, pruning out potentially dangerous variables.
    Beginning with sudo 1.6.9, the envionment is reset to a default
    set of values with only a small number of "safe" variables
    preserved.  To preserve specific environment variables, add
    them to the "env_keep" list in sudoers.  E.g.

	Defaults env_keep += "EDITOR"

    The old behavior can be restored by negating the "env_reset"
    option in sudoers.  E.g.

	Defaults !env_reset

    There have  also been changes to how the "env_keep" and
    "env_check" options behave.

    Prior to sudo 1.6.9, the TERM and PATH environment variables
    would always be preserved even if the env_keep option was
    redefined.  That is no longer the case.  Consequently, if
    env_keep is set with "=" and not simply appended to (i.e. using
    "+="), PATH and TERM must be explicitly included in the list
    of environment variables to keep.  The LOGNAME, SHELL, USER,
    and USERNAME environment variables are still always set.

    Additionally, the env_check setting previously had no effect
    when env_reset was set (which is now on by default).  Starting
    with sudo 1.6.9, environment variables listed in env_check are
    also preserved in the env_reset case, provided that they do not
    contain a '/' or '%' character.  Note that it is not necessary
    to also list a variable in env_keep--having it in env_check is

    The default lists of variables to be preserved and/or checked
    are displayed when sudo is run by root with the -V flag.

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