[sudo-users] Query on Host Alias

Don dalan at visi.com
Wed May 5 10:26:30 EDT 2010


Not necessarily true, I have one file I modify and then I push that file
to all the systems. In this case the Host Alias is very necessary to
limit what an individual can do on a given system.

Don S. 
On Mon, 2010-05-03 at 23:13 +1000, Malleswar wrote:
> Hi Linux Gurus,
> I Have very basic question, Why do we need to configure host alias in
> sudoers file. My understanding is Sudo is not a centralised utility where we
> can configure privileges for all servers using one file from a single
> server. if you want to configure privileges using sudo utility you need to
> configure on that particular server for the users on that server.
> If my understanding is correct, I really don't understand configuring host
> alias in the sudoers file, does hot alias work as access control list  or I
> am completely thinking wrong.
> can anyone let me know why host alias is used and what is the purpose of
> using it in sudoers file.
> Thanks in Advance.
> Mallesh.
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