[sudo-users] Granting users the ability to su to another user via sudo

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Thu Sep 23 09:33:44 EDT 2010

In message <0A75C8AF-A002-4226-8451-6F56F5808627 at ualr.edu>
	so spake John Adams (jxadams):

> My request actually specifies two different users to run as. Can I have two
> entries in sudoers, like this?
>  %group ALL=(first_user_to_run_shell_as) /bin/bash
>  %group ALL=(second_user_to_run_shell_as) /bin/bash
> 	Allowing, I assume, command line invocations like:
> sudo -i -u first_user_to_run_shell_as

That will work, though you can also use a list of runas users like so:

%group ALL=(first_user_to_run_shell_as, second_user_to_run_shell_as) /bin/bash

 - todd

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