[sudo-users] wildcard question

Luc Suryo lsuryo at gmail.com
Mon Feb 7 13:43:19 EST 2011


I do realize that sudo does not support full regular expression but I
can someone tell me if this would work
and if not what would be a good alternative ? thanks!

Ubuntu 1.0.04 LTS with  Sudo  1.7.2p1

This would be for the DBA to allow control the databases:

/sbin/[start|stop|restart|status] [mysql|sql|oracle]


/sbin/initctl [start|stop|restart|status] [mysql|sql|oracle]

the above 2 lines will save me some extra stuff to type and possible typoes

if the /sbin/[x|x] part is not supported then should this format be supported?

/sbin/start  [mysql|sql|oracle]
/sbin/stop  [mysql|sql|oracle]
/sbin/restart  [mysql|sql|oracle]
/sbin/status  [mysql|sql|oracle]



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