[sudo-users] Google Authenticator two-factor auth for sudo

Jeff Earickson jaearick at colby.edu
Wed Sep 14 13:29:12 EDT 2011

Fellow Sudoers,

If you are interested in two-factor authentication for use with sudo,
take a look at:




For the Google Authenticator info.

I have a general need for two-factor authentication on my Linux boxes
(sshd, sudo, etc) and have been playing with this.  For SUSE 11, it
worked right out of the box (still having PAM config issues with
Redhat 6.1).  It is way cool if you have a smartphone that can run the
Google Authenticator app.

Even if you don't care about two-factor ssh logins, but want to crank
down on how sudoers authenticate, this might be the ticket for you.

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