[sudo-users] Sudo keeps using the same binary although PATH is different when invoking with sudo.

Piotr Dobrogost p at gmane-2014.dobrogost.net
Tue Mar 4 14:43:08 MST 2014

Todd C. Miller <Todd.Miller <at> courtesan.com> writes:

> That's odd, I wonder if PAM is setting the PATH.

I'm not sure how to diagnose PAM. I renamed /etc/pam.d/sudo to
/etc/pam.d/sudo-disabled and after reboot the result is the same.

> Furthermore, secure_path also
> affects the search path when sudo looks for an unqualified command
> to run and that doesn't appear to be happening.

It does not appear to be happening, indeed.
Is there any document describing in details how sudo works, where I could
find information like the one above?
> Based on your sudoers file I'm guessing that you are running
> the sudo that comes with RHEL 5.  Is that correct?

Yes, specifically RHEL 5.10 with no updates:
[user at localhost ~]$ cat /etc/redhat-release 
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.10 (Tikanga)

I'm running it in Virtual Box just to answer one question at SO –


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