[sudo-users] 1.8.10: tty_tickets broken?

balducci at units.it balducci at units.it
Thu Mar 13 11:56:54 MDT 2014

hello everybody,

after 1.8.9p5 -> 1.8.10 upgrade, the tty_tickets option seems to be

This is the fragment I have in sudoers:

    Defaults:balducci  editor=/usr/local/bin/emacs, \
                       timestamp_timeout=-1,        \
                       env_delete-="LD_LIBRARY_PATH", \
                       env_delete-="PERLLIB PERL5LIB PERL5OPT", \
                       env_delete-="PYTHONPATH", \
                       env_delete-="PYTHONHOME", \
                       !env_reset, \

It has worked for years and works perfectly with 1.8.9p5.

With 1.8.10 the !tty_tickets does not work: sudo keeps asking me the
password on every new tty I open (timestamp_timeout=-1 works, though, ie
sudo won't ask me the password after the first time on a given tty)

Am I doing something wrong or is there a problem with 1.8.10?

thanks a lot in advance for any hint (and thanks for maintaining and
making available sudo, of course)


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