[sudo-users] Script to list users and privileges?

David Barr dafydd at dafydd.com
Thu Mar 20 09:58:03 MDT 2014

Good Morning!

I know this isn’t part of the sudo release, but I thought I’d ask here anyway before I reinvent the wheel.

I need to come up with a script that will tell our cybersecurity team who has what privileges on our Linux and Solaris hosts. My first thought was to iterate through sudoers to collect privileges and users/groups, and then iterate through group members for additional users.

My second thought was that someone on this list might already be doing something similar. I recall seeing a similar need come across this list in the last year or so.

So, if you have a script that starts with sudoers and produces a list of users with privileges, would you be willing to share that script with me? Full credit in the comments, of course!



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