[sudo-users] sudo delays due to stdin/stdout

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Fri Aug 28 06:31:22 MDT 2015

On Fri, 28 Aug 2015 09:26:10 -0000, Holger.vanKoll at swisscom.com wrote:

> I am debugging the problem that my sudo commands take long to execute.
> A simple sudo -l takes about 1 second (for every user, local or LDAP).
> But a
> time sudo -l > tmpfile |tee
> executes immediately (time-command outputs "real    0m0.02s").
> If I change anything on this command (remove the time command, remove > tmpfi
> le redirection or remove "| tee") the execution time increases to 1 second.
> It seems to be related to stdin/stdout/stderr handling.
> sudo is 1.8.1p2
> I updated sudo on a testsystem to 1.8.11p2 , but that did not make any differ
> ence.

Can you provide a little more information?  What OS are you using
and do you have log_input or log_output set?  Are you using packages
from www.sudo.ws or vendor packages?

 - todd

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