[sudo-users] Does AIX properly forward to a Linux logsrvd? Endian Issues?

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at millert.dev
Wed Oct 19 15:21:55 MDT 2022

The protocol used is endian-independent.  I just tested a big-endian
client (HP pa-risc) connecting to a little-endian server (amd64)
using the upcoming sudo 1.9.12 release.  You can find a release
candidate at https://www.sudo.ws/releases/devel/.

It is possible that there is an AIX-specific bug (this would not
be the first time).  Do you receive an error message on the client
about not being able to connect to the server?

You may want to enable debug logging on the client in /etc/sudo.conf
and see if that provides any more information.

 - todd

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