1.6.3 note...

Michael T. Stolarchuk mts at off.to
Fri Apr 7 13:37:26 EDT 2000

In message <Pine.A41.4.21.0004071230560.31224-100000 at badlands.NoDak.edu>, Lucas
 Koehntop writes:
>I think it should not be that hard to setup NIS supportl.  It should be a
>matter of linking a library, and telling it to get the password from a
>different place.

would you imagine that the entire sudoer's file be saved
in NIS, or that other more fine grained lookups be performed?
For example, that there would be specific entries for
grouping users (aside from /etc/group), and hosts,
and then assigning authorization via other specific entries/lookups?


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