weird signalling interaction with 1.6.2p2

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Thu May 18 09:31:49 EDT 2000


I have a trivial app, based loosely on visudo that can be used to edit
nominated files in what is (I think) a reasonably secure way.  Basically, it
forks and the child drops to the users id to edit a copy of the file whilst
the parent waits and moves the file into place when done.  This worked OK
with older versions of sudo if I recall correctly, but with 1.6.2p2 *and*
when I have "mail_always" set, the parent dies, leaving the user's edit
process orphoned.  So, 2 questions, firstly, can anyone see any flaw in the
design and secondly, can anyone suggest why sudo sending mail has such an
effect on my app's forked parent?  Tutorials on signals gladly received, I'm
an admin not a developer :-)  BTW, environment is Solaris 2.6, and I have
not subscribed to the workers list, so if anyone has any comment, could they
please CC to my email address as well.
Many thanks. <<safe-edi.c>> 
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