Irix 6.5.11 with CPU IP19 and IP22

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at
Mon Jul 9 10:45:01 EDT 2001

In message <200107091417.IAA17094 at>
	so spake "Alek O. Komarnitsky (N-CSC)" (alek):

> In my (limited) experience with SGI platforms, it appears that
> newer hardware generates code with instructions for the newer chips;
> and therefore doesn't run on older platforms. You can either compile
> on the older platforms (which should be upwards compatible) or add a
> "-mips1" option to the Makefile so that code for the newer chips
> isn't generated.

Since Irix 6.x doesn't run on mips1 machines (R2000, R3000), mips2 should
be sufficient.

 - todd

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