sudo, pam, ssh and Gnome

Aaron Sherman ajs at
Sun Sep 1 21:56:20 EDT 2002

I have some questions which touch on the thread from

as well as going off in my own direction. The summary is this: can sudo
be made an integral part of UNIX and Linux authentication?

Here's everything I'm thinking about:

pam should use key exchange to authenticate to sudo

Gnome's root authenticator should accept my password if I have sudo

And now for the science-fiction: login, sshd, etc should have some way
of allowing me to log in as root using a special password like
"ajs//moocow" where ajs is my username and moocow is my password.

Thoughts? I think the first could be accomplished with changes to sudo
alone. The last two would require a new authentication method for pam.

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