[sudo-workers] Sudosh version 1.2.2 now available

Doug Hanks dhanks at gmail.com
Mon Oct 18 03:46:37 EDT 2004

Sudosh version 1.2.2 now available.



Major changes since version 1.1.0

2004-10-18 Douglas Richard Hanks, Jr. <dhanks at gmail.com>
	* Gave up on keystroke logging to syslog.  It's impossible to
	  to trace the terminal to see if it's echoing keystrokes or not.
	  Bottom line is that passwords can be written to syslog, so I
	  removed this feature.  I had it secure under Linux, but AIX and
	  Solaris were different in the nature that the terminal returned
	  a ECHO when the ENTER key was pressed.
	* Ditched the syslog for now.  Everything is localized.
	* Added logdir automation to configure.in as well as host-type
	* Added replay utility to playback sudosh sessions as they were
	  originally recorded.

Amendment to first comment:  input logging is still supported, but it is kept
under a local file.  Please be sensitive to the information inside this file.

- Doug Hanks = dhanks(at)gmail(dot)com

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