[sudo-workers] sudo and ldap-only: uid not found

Markus Rennings news at rennings.net
Mon Dec 12 17:49:50 EST 2005

Hello Todd, hello Andrea, hello List,

Am Montag, 12. Dezember 2005 20:13 schrieb Todd C. Miller:
> Sudo just uses the standard getpw* routines so I don't see how it
> could be sudo's fault.  If TLS is required to talk to the server
> perhaps something is getting messed up there.

You're right, I had "ssl start_tls", "ssl on" and "uri ldaps://my.dom.ain"  in 
my /etc/ldap.conf, but not in /etc/ldap.conf.sudo. As I wrote login and ssh 
work pretty well with this.
Now I deactivate this 3 "options" and sudo works as expected. 

According to the ebuild sudo (on gentoo) will use '/etc/ldap.conf.sudo' so I 
didn't thought of this 3 parameters in 'etc/ldap.conf'

Anyway, now it works (thx Todd) and I have to think about re-setup my tls for 
ldap...  ;-)

Sorry for the noise I've made.

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