[sudo-workers] Sudo on AIX 5.3?

Glenn Pitcher GlennP at MedImpact.com
Fri Jul 21 18:34:21 EDT 2006

Has anyone been able to get sudo working on AIX 5.3?  I've compiled
1.6.8p12, and it compiles fine but when I attempt to use it I'm getting
segmentation faults.  I'm not really sure if the problem is with sudo
itself or something in the base OS because if I disable LDAP support in
/usr/lib/security/methods.cfg, the code works fine.  Also, I've been
able to narrow down the fault to something in yyparse() in sudo.tab.c.
I also found that if I remove pretty much everything from  my customized
sudoers file the code will work so I suspect it's a problem in how
groups stored in LDAP are being retrieved.  (btw, I know there's no
actual problem with the sudoers file itself as I have it rolled out to
>150 Solaris boxes with no problems)

Glenn Pitcher
Security Engineer
MedImpact Healthcare Systems, Inc.
San Diego, CA
glenn dot pitcher at medimpact.com 

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