[sudo-workers] caching sudo ldap queries

Robert Beard Robert.Beard at colesmyer.com.au
Sun Jun 25 20:23:22 EDT 2006

Tom wrote:
> all ldap entries.  I patched defaults because I wanted to 
> file the entry 
> in a sub section of my ldap tree with the default privileges for all 
> users on all systems on my site.  I guess there are good pros 
> and cons 

A separate location for defaults would be good as it can get 'lost' amongst the other sudo entries 

> to a sub tree search at this point.  Maybe the configuration 
> file should 
> store whether to perform a sub tree or one level search for these 2 
> searches independently.

Or possibly have a directive similar to sudoers_base in ldap.conf but point to the defaults location?

> 1) The very complex way,  would be to install a local ldap server on 
> each box,  not my idea of fun, or a good idea imho.

Yeah, not to keen on that idea!

> 2) If you are using openldap there is a caching overlay that 
> you could 
> use to improve the performance of regular searches on the tree.

We're running Novel eDirectory which I read does run a cache so I'll have a look at that.

Thanx for the info!


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