[sudo-workers] getpwuid can't find user if NSCD is not running

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Sat Jun 16 17:02:15 EDT 2007

In message <b9646c240706160738x6f4a0dbbo4274546349174bf3 at mail.gmail.com>
	so spake rhatuk (rhatuk66):

> Thx for the tip Todd!
> Just tested and after changing line 443 from ldap.c:
> <   grp=getgrgid(pw->pw_gid);
> ---
> >   grp=getgrgid(getgid());
> And re-adding to the three the sudo.tab.c and lexx.yy.c (it was a
> dirty-quick test, I didn't checked dependencies, implications of that change
> or anything else) It compiled fine and worked.

OK, that was a mismerge from the 1.7 tree.  I'll fix that in cvs
by using "user_gid" there.  Obviously I had not test-compiled the
ldap code yet :-)

> Haven't checked what changed yet, but I'm planning to do it tomorrow; on the
> other hand, if you can give me an idea of what changed from .8p12 to beta9
> it will be really helpful! If possible I'd like to help patching the 8p12 to
> put this to work, what do you think?

A fair amount has changed between 1.6.8p12 and 1.6.9.  I'm not sure
exactly what would have fixed this.  Hopefully, I'll have
a proper beta release by Monday.

 - todd

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