[sudo-workers] Sudo 1.7.5b1 available

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Wed Nov 3 14:56:55 EDT 2010

The first beta release of Sudo version 1.7.5 is now available.

Download links:

Major changes between sudo 1.7.4 and 1.7.5b1:

 * The LOG_INPUT and LOG_OUTPUT tags in sudoers are now parsed correctly.

 * When using visudo in check mode, a file named "-" may be used to
   check sudoers data on the standard input.

 * Sudo now only fetches shadow password entries when using the
   password database directly for authentication.

 * Password and group entries are now cached using the same key
   that was used to look them up.  This fixes a problem when looking
   up entries by name if the name in the retrieved entry does not
   match the name used to look it up.  This may happen on some systems
   that do case insensitive lookups or that truncate long names.

 * GCC will no longer display warnings on glibc systems that use
   the warn_unused_result attribute for write(2) and other system calls.

 * If a PAM account management module denies access, sudo now prints
   a more useful error message and stops trying to validate the user.

 * Fixed a bug introduced in sudo 1.7.3 where the ticket file was not
   being honored when the "targetpw" sudoers Defaults option was enabled.

 * Fixed a potential hang on idle systems when the sudo-run process
   exits immediately.

 * Fixed a crash when Solaris project support was enabled and the
   -g flag was used.

 * Sudo no longer exits with an error when support for
   auditing is compiled in but auditing is not enabled.

 * Fixed a crash with "sudo -l" when auditing is enabled and the
   user is not allowed to run any commands on the host.

 * Sudo will now examine all matching LDAP entries when doing a
   lookup, even if there has already been a positive match. This
   catches negative matches that may exist in other entries and
   more closely match the sudoers file behavior.

 * Sudo now includes a copy of zlib that will be used on systems
   that do not have zlib installed.

 * The --with-umask-override configure flag has been added to enable
   the "umask_override" sudoers Defaults option at build time.

 * Sudo now unblocks all signals on startup to avoid problems caused
   by the parent process changing the default signal mask.

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