[sudo-workers] Patch for sudo-1.7.5b1

Andreas Mueller afm at othello.ch
Tue Nov 9 09:26:06 EST 2010


here is patch for sudo-1.7.5b1 that does the following

- all matching ldap entries are read into memory before
   a final decision whether to allow a command or not is
   reached (similar to what 1.7.5b1 does)

- adds an attribute sudoOrder that allows to specify the
   order in which the entries should be evaluated to compensate
   for the lack of ordering in LDAP sudoRoles

- some modifications that sudo never reads the directory
   twice (as it usually does for sudo -l and other commands)
   This is done by adding a richer handle to sudo_nss,
   one that can cache the LDAP connection, the search
   result and the user for which the last search was

- two more new attributes sudoNotBefore and sudoNotAfter
   to allow timed attributes.

- some code reorganization: a lot of code duplication in
   ldap searches has been eliminated. Genereting the LDAP
   filters has been delegated to two new functions

Tested on Linux with a SunONE directory.

Best regards


Prof. Dr. Andreas Mueller
andreas.mueller at othello.ch
Bubental 53, 8852 Altendorf
Voice: +41 55 4621481  Fax/Data: +41 55 4621482


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