[sudo-workers] sudo 1.8.3rc1 available

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Fri Sep 16 19:44:21 EDT 2011

The first release candidate for sudo version 1.8.3 is now available.
Sudo 1.8.3 is a bug fix release and does not include any new features.


Binary packages:

Major changes between sudo 1.8.2 and 1.8.3rc1:

 * Fixed expansion of strftime() escape sequences in the "log_dir"
   sudoers setting.

 * Added new Esperanto translation from translationproject.org.

 * Sudo will now use PAM by default on AIX 6 and higher.

 * Added --enable-werror configure option for gcc's -Werror flag.

 * Visudo no longer assumes all editors support the +linenumber
   command line argument.  It now uses a whitelist of editors known
   to support the option.

 * Fixed matching of network addresses when a netmask is specified
   but the address is not the first one in the CIDR block.

 * The configure script now check whether or not errno.h declares
   the errno variable.  Previously, sudo would always declare errno
   itself for older systems that don't declare it in errno.h.

 * The NOPASSWD tag is now honored for denied commands too, which
   matches historic sudo behavior (prior to sudo 1.7.0).

 * Sudo now honors the "DEREF" setting in ldap.conf which controls
   how alias dereferencing is done during an LDAP search.

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