[sudo-workers] sudoreplay & sudo command in a pipe line

V S, Nagendra (Nonstop Filesystems Team) nagendra.vs at hpe.com
Mon Nov 28 07:55:04 MST 2016

I have the below test script

echo -n "Enter a input:"
read a
if [[ $a == "hello" ]]; then
  echo -n "Enter a new text:"
  read b
  exit 0
  echo "All done."

I run the above script once directly from a tty (or console) & once using the following shell pipeline 

"cat f1 | src/sudo ./test.sh | tee log"

The contents of f1 is as follows

After this I try to replay the two sudo commands using sudoreplay

Sudoreplay for command run from tty
root at ubuntu:/home/user/sudo-1.8.18p1# plugins/sudoers/sudoreplay 00000O
Replaying sudo session: ./test.sh
Enter a input:welcome <==== stdin information is available
All done.

Sudoreplay for command run from command pipeline
root at ubuntu:/home/user/sudo-1.8.18p1# plugins/sudoers/sudoreplay 00000P
Replaying sudo session: ./test.sh
Enter a input:All done. <=== output different stdin information missing

Now to my question why is the behavior different between the command examples?  I understand that when in a pipeline the stdin information is never visible on the TTY/console. Also I see that sudoreplay man page has the following information 

-f filter, --filter=filter
    Select which I/O type(s) to display. By default, sudoreplay will display the command's standard output, standard error and tty output. The filter argument is a comma-separated list, consisting of one or more of following: stdout, stderr, and ttyout.

Also I see that in the pipeline command usage sudo session's log stdin & stdout contains the information & ttyout file is empty. I can used zcat & was displayed the file contents of both stdout & stdin.

For this scenario I have both log_out & log_input enabled in sudoers file (Defaults	log_output   Defaults	log_input)

Is this behavior by design or is it bug?

Thanks & Regards

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