[sudo-workers] Error/Warning word in visudo output

Tomas Sykora tosykora at redhat.com
Tue Feb 21 02:48:32 MST 2017

Thanks for quick reply. No, we don't have any customer complaining about this, we haven't shipped this new sudo yet. But still we think this is a regression to worse and it would be nice to have this information in the output message. For example if user ran 'visudo -s -c' (with the older sudo version) with bad cofiguration in sudoers, it gives Error in output, but running 'visudo -c' gives just Warning with the same configutation. Currently visudo gives the same output in both cases. Although 'visudo -c' gives extra message '/etc/sudoers: parsed OK', but I think it's not clear if it's considered as Error or Warning in the strict mode (when user doesn't open visudo but just checks it with 'visudo -s -c').


Tomas Sykora

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