[sudo-workers] sudo 1.8.30b3 released

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at sudo.ws
Thu Dec 26 08:10:32 MST 2019

The third beta version of sudo 1.8.30 is now available.  Sudo
1.8.30 is primarily a bug fix release.


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Major changes between sudo 1.8.30b3 and 1.8.30b2:

 * Fixed an intermittent warning on NetBSD when sudo restores the
   initial stack size limit.

Major changes between sudo 1.8.30b2 and 1.8.30b1:

 * The user's time stamp file is now only updated if both authentication
   and approval phases succeed.  This is consistent with the behavior
   of sudo prior to version 1.8.23.  Bug #910

 * The new allow_unknown_runas_id sudoers setting can be used to
   enable or disable the use of unknown user or group IDs.  Previously,
   sudo would always allow unknown user or group IDs if the sudoers
   entry permitted it, including via the "ALL" alias.  As of sudo
   1.8.30, the admin must explicitly enable support for unknown IDs.

 * The new runas_check_shell sudoers setting can be used to require
   that the runas user have a shell listed in the /etc/shells file.
   On many systems, users such as "bin", do not have a valid shell
   and this flag can be used to prevent commands from being run as
   those users.

 * Fixed a problem restoring the SELinux tty context during reboot
   if mctransd is killed before sudo finishes.  GitHub Issue #17.

Major changes between sudo 1.8.30b1 and 1.8.29:

 * Fixed a warning on macOS introduced in sudo 1.8.29 when sudo
   attempts to set the open file limit to unlimited.  Bug #904.

 * Sudo now closes file descriptors before changing uids.  This
   prevents a non-root process from interfering with sudo's ability
   to close file descriptors on systems that support the prlimit(2)
   system call.

 * Sudo now treats an attempt to run "sudo sudoedit" as simply
   "sudoedit".  If the sudoers file contains a fully-qualified path
   to sudoedit, sudo will now treat it simply as "sudoedit" (with
   no path).  Visudo will will now treat a fully-qualified path
   to sudoedit as an error.  Bug #871.

 * Fixed a bug introduced in sudo 1.8.28 where sudo would warn about
   a missing /etc/environment file on AIX and Linux when PAM is not
   enabled.  Bug #907

 * Fixed a bug on Linux introduced in sudo 1.8.29 that prevented
   the askpass program from running due to an unlimited stack size
   resource limit.  Bug #908.

 * If a group provider plugin has optional arguments, the argument list
   passed to the plugin is now NULL terminated as per the documentation.
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