[sudo-workers] Building sudo manual pages

Michael Kerrisk (man7.org) mtk at man7.org
Sat Jun 13 04:57:43 MDT 2020


I render manual pages from a number of FOSS projects  on man7.org [1].
I'd like to include the pages from the sudo project. However, it's not
completely obvious how to build the manual pages from the source.

Yes, I can do something like this:


and then that gives a bunch of files in doc/ with the suffix ".mdoc",
and those files contain the right content.

But what I hope to see is the section name as a suffix of the
filename. Thus, I expect to see a file "sudo.8" rather than
"sudo.mdoc. I presume there's a way of doing that, but so far I did
not spot it.[2]

If you would please keep me in CC, I would appreciate it, as I'm not
subscribed to the list.



[1] https://man7.org/linux/man-pages/dir_by_project.html
[2] And yes, with a bit of light scripting I could get files with the
right extension, but I presume there is a better way.

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