[sudo-workers] Adding a second sysconfdir

Otto Hollmann otto.hollmann at suse.com
Mon Apr 17 10:02:01 MDT 2023

Hello there,
I'm new sudo maintainer at SUSE. I would like thank you for your patch and
apologize for delay.

I tested your changes and two paths work well. But configure script doesn't meet
our requirements.

I used following options:

which resulted into following:
sysconfdir = /etc
distconfdir = /usr/etc

This is fine, but we would like to install all files into $distconfdir,
primarily read from $sysconfdir and then fallback to $distconfdir.
For more details see:

There are two possible options I'm suggesting:

1) * introduce new option (--distconfdir) and then use --sysconfdir=/usr/etc and
   * change order of paths so they will be in following order: "/etc;/usr/etc"
   This could be confusing, because we are interchanging sysconfdir with

2) * use $distconfdir (if enabled --enable-distconf ) to install files.
   This will require more changes but it will be better to understand.

I guess second option is better. Can you please confirm that you also prefer
second option? Of course if you know about better way, let me know and I will
try to implement it.

Thank you


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