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Sudo at All Things Open

Learn about What You Most Likely Did Not Know About Sudo… at this year’s All Things Open conference.

If you have not heard about it yet, All Things Open is one of the largest open source events on the US East Coast. This year the conference is October 13-15, in the area known as the Research Triangle. People from all aspects of open source participate: users, developers, decision makers and as the name of the area implies, many people from research.

This year I will give a talk about sudo: [What You Most Likely Did Not Know About Sudo…]( out-sudo/) This might sound a bit scornful at first, but that was not my intention. As a system engineer I used sudo for decades. Still I was unaware about most of the features sudo provides until recently. And after talking to hundreds of administrators, architects, security professionals about sudo, I can safely say that only very few people are aware of the rich tool set provided by sudo.

From my talk you will learn that sudo is a lot more than a simple prefix for administrative commands on the systems you manage. First I show you the basics of configuring sudo: how it is configured by default and how you can fine tune it for larger environments. As someone coming from the logging world (syslog-ng) I also introduce you to logging with sudo. The past decade brought significant changes to sudo: a plugin-based architecture, session recording and several other interesting but lesser known features.

Finally I plan to conclude my talk with a glimpse into the future. There are a number of interesting new features under development. Come to my talk at All Things Open and learn what you can expect to arrive in sudo in the coming months. And, as always, I am very interested in your feedback. See you in October in Raleigh!

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