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Tue Oct 9 09:52:48 EDT 2001

While I'm inclined to agree with Bjorn that "sudo is your friend",
neither is it the all purpose tool.  It seems to me that Espen's
requirement can be better met through the use of Unix groups.
Namely, set the gid bit on directory /aaa/bbb/ccc and all its
children, as well as group write permission (i.e., chmod 2775 /aaa/bbb/ccc)
have the directory and its children owned by group abc, and have
the users be members of the abc group.  In this way, they can have
full access to the files in question, the GID bit on the directory
will keep the permissions straight, and sudoers can be kept simple.


At 02:54 PM 10/08/2001 +0200, Espen Martinsen wrote:

>That will be a hell of a sudoers file.
>  What I want is the user to have full root-access with
>  cp/ln, tar, cpio, etc anywhere recursive below /aaa/bbb/ccc
>esm at
>On Mon, 8 Oct 2001, Bjorn Ove Grotan wrote:
>> On Mon, 8 Oct 2001, Espen Martinsen wrote:
>> > Hi,
>> > I'm quite new tu Sudo, and have a question:
>> >
>> > Is Sudo cabable of solving this:
>> >
>> > a user "xxx" needs to do copy'ing with root's rights but only as long as
>> > the source/target directory is
>> > below /aaa/bbb/ccc
>> You can make a single user able to do a single job/command as root or as
>> any other prefered user. So the answer to your question would be .. ta-ta
>> "yes"
>> Sudo is your friend! :)
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